The mac running the AtriumDisplay app is called intermediaAtriumDisplay.local. It has a specific configuration of software and hardware, it has a user called intermedia that runs a daemon to keep the AtriumDisplay app running with updated contents from the project portfolio.


The Atrium Display runs on a:
MacBook Pro
attached to three HD flat screens using a
Matrox TrippleHead2Go Digital SE
which tricks the Mac into seeing the three screens as one screen with a tripled width.


The setup has been formulated with other TrippleHead2Go models. They all failed to work, hardware crashing and configurations missing. The only edition of the Matrox TrippleHead2Go that has worked without failing is the Matrox TrippleHead2Go Digital SE using it's 'automatic configuration based on attached displays' feature.

Mac Mini configuration

The mac is configured to login to a user account called intermedia automatically at boot.
The user account is configured to disable sleeping, power management, screen savers etc.
The user account has a launcd script in its ~/Library/LaunchAgents folder to keep running in the event of crashes.
The desktop background of the tripplehead monitor is set to crossfade screen shots of the app showing the Intermedia Lab logo and a couple of generic taglines. In the event that the app will not start, this acts as a visual fallback.
Also the crashreporter is disabled via a terminal command.

Keeping running

Launchd is configured to start and keep running, in similar fashion as described here:
If the application crashes, Mac OS will simply continue to attempt restarting it.
AtriumDisplay should not be started by using the 'Start at login' feature from the user account's system preferences or the dock.

Updating the display machines local mirror of the projects

The machine runs a copy of BitTorrent Sync that keeps it's local copy of the project repository current.

Missing: restarting every night

The application needs to be restarted to avoid accumulating bugs and leaks. This requires a change to the launchd.plist file (not been implemented yet).