Welcome to the Portfolio home page.

The lab has a project portfolio, currently residing on the file server on intermedia.itu.dk.
The portfolio consists of a folder structure, where documentation of projects are organised in a particular manner. This is documented as the Portfolio Project format.

The project portfolio folder is only accessible for the labadmins group; it is in their group folder /Groups/labadmins/atrium-display/projects.

From this one folder on the server other applications mirror the portfolio to present it on other platforms. These mirrors are done with rsync in cron scripts.

There are two such presentation applications:
  • Atrium Display
  • Website Project Section

Please notice that any changes to the portfolio can only happen to the original porfolio folder in the labadmins group folder. Any and all edits to project files, images, movies and pdfs in the mirrors used by the website or on the Atrium Display mac will be overwritten on the next mirror update.

Atrium Display

These pages contain AtriumDisplay.app software documentation and hardware documentation.

AtriumDisplay Logo 3.png

The Atrium Display provides a visual identity to the Intermedia Lab space through 3 digital displays mounted in the lab windows facing the ITU Atrium. It also acts as a project portfolio showcase, enabling an audience to experience Intermedia Lab outcomes regardless of the perceived messiness of the lab space itself at the specific time a lab/audience encounter.

Website /projects section


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