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Intermedia Lab Wiki

Intermedia Lab is a space for full scale prototyping and experiential practice based research at the IT University.

In this wiki you can find information and documentation pertaining the lab space, website, hardware and culture.

Use the mailing list
Don't be a stranger. If you use the lab, please get on our good oldfashioned mailing list
You can subscribe to the list and peruse the mailing list archives here:


Documentation of fixed installations such as network plugs, power system, curtains, rig, light, cameras and projectors goes here.

Equipment and Action Kits
Documentaiton of Action Kits, Gear, Tools and other Equipment.


Write an email to if:
  • You want to request lab accesss
  • You have questions that are not answered on the wiki
  • Something cannot be solved by engaging the user community at

Photo 21-10-13 16.21.36.jpg

Lab portfolio

Documentation of the digital portfolio setup:

Server services at

Documentation of setup and services:
  • VPN
  • Filesharing
  • Web
  • Calendar
  • Profile Manager
  • Users
  • Groups